About JMLR

J'allons Mangi les Riches is a Jersey blogsite dedicated to analysing and reporting on the Jersey situation from a radical perspective and exposing the undemocratic nature of the States of Jersey, the rotten finance industry that permeates every aspect of Jersey life, the colonial and racist attitude displayed by many recent arrivals towards Jersey people, the callous and unfair treatment of workers in both the public and private sectors, the ableist and anti-worker attitude of the Island's business community, the toxic militaristic culture in which we live, and the failure of our "elected representatives" to do very much about any of it.

We are for:
- A participatory and socialist economic system, with an economy that is collectively owned and democratically managed
- Real democracy in Jersey, including an end to gerrymandering, online voting, the re-establishment of a committee-centered system of consensus government and the right of constituents to recall States members
- Further devolution of power to individual parishes and the replacement of Roads Committees and Procureurs de Bien Public with an elected municipal council for each parish
- Rent controls on both social and private renting
- A four day workweek and a secondary school day lasting from 10AM to 5PM
- A free and universal comprehensive healthcare system, including GPs
- Serious investment in mental healthcare
- The preservation of Jèrriais

We are against:
- Liberal capitalism
- Zionism
- Ministerial government
- The influence of the finance industry in government
- Jersey's reliance on foreign nuclear power
- Jersey's links to despots such as Paul Kagame in Rwanda and the Saudi dictatorship
- All forms of racism such as Islamophobia and Antisemitism

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